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LEED BD+C Core & Shell

Achieved: Gold 

Certified: August 12, 2015

Location: Taipei, Taiwan


The Cathay Landmark was designed by Cathay Construction and KRIS YAO | ARTECH for the Cathay Life Insurance Commission. It was completed in 2015 as a composite commercial steel shopping mall SC skyscraper.

The building is 212 meters high and has 46 floors above ground and 6 floors underground. At present, the B1 to 4th floors are currently leased by Breeze Plaza and operate the high-end department store “Breeze Xinyi”. The 6th to 42nd floors are commercial spaces. At present, many multinational companies including Microsoft, Oracle, Fidelity Securities, Taipei Regus Business Center, Societe Generale, and Shanghong Electronics have all settled in.

The building is connected to the Taipei MRT’s City Hall Station, providing excellent and convenient access to public transportation. It is now one of the key commercial buildings in the Xinyi area.


  1. Rainwater recovery: 70% of the building’s water consumption comes from the rainwater recovery system. Use of water-saving sanitary equipment: Total reduction every year of 28% = water consumption of 3 Olympic swimming pools.

  2. Energy efficiency optimization: VAV inverter air conditioning equipment management system, energy-saving elevator, LED lighting, low-emission double-glazing. Reduced electricity consumption by 2.51 million kWh every year.

  3. Indoor environmental quality: Indoor air quality plan implemented during construction.

  4. Sustainable base: Connected to MRT station, bicycle parking spaces and showers, taxi greeting stations, formulation of green decoration regulations.

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