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Achieved: Gold 

Certified: September, 2015


Location: Yuanlin, Taiwan


Changhua Christian Hospital, Yuanlin, achieved LEED NC Gold certification in September 2015. This project was the first LEED comprehensive medical building in Greater China (including Northeast Asia), and received LEED HC (Health Care) in 2017. This certification has set a new milestone on the road to sustainable environmental protection for Taiwan hospitals.


  1. Adopt high-efficiency water appliances, and set up a rainwater recovery system, use the recovered rainwater for toilet flushing, waste water recovery and reuse, save tap water consumption, and annual water consumption can be saved by 40%.

  2. Build an energy management system, use digital meters to integrate various energy consumption information, and manage the power consumption of the system by item.

  3. All use LED lamps, and use automatic control to manage the lighting of parking lots and public areas.

  4. Air conditioning energy saving:

    • High-efficiency energy-saving equipment is selected for the main equipment

    • The air-conditioning ice water host uses the US AHRI certified COP value 6.3 frequency conversion centrifugal host, using high COP and frequency conversion method to obtain the highest efficiency and energy saving effect. The air-conditioning pump uses an ultra-high-efficiency motor (IE 3) grade, which is more energy-efficient than the general (IE 2) grade motor by 2%.

    • Use the off-peak electricity price discount period for ice storage to provide day-time air conditioning use to reduce electricity costs.

    • The operation time and temperature of the air conditioners in each area can be controlled by the central monitoring system to avoid the waste of energy caused by random adjustments made by on-site personnel.

  5. Air quality management system

    • Install carbon dioxide detection and external air volume detection devices in high-density spaces of the population, and design this device in conjunction with the air-conditioning system to control the indoor air quality of the building after operation.

    • The real-time CO2 value of the environment is integrated into the hospital public broadcasting system to provide real-time information to the public.

  6. Set up solar water heating system to increase the utilization rate of natural information.

  7. The recycling rate of construction waste reaches over 75%.

  8. Healthy green building materials (permanent antibacterial healthy linen floor) are widely used indoors to completely eliminate potential invisible harmful substances in building materials that are harmful to health.

  9. The roof uses low-reflection materials to reduce the heat island effect of the surrounding environment with natural ventilation.

  10. Designed with a large-scale sky garden and planting and greening, to achieve the appeal of human space and environmental beautification.

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