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Achieved: Gold 

Certified: November, 2018


Location: Taichung, Taiwan


Micron is the fourth largest semiconductor company in the world. Their packaging and testing plant in Houli Taichung, obtained LEED Gold in November 2018.

The floor area of the project was 804,523 square feet, including 5 floors above ground and 3 floors underground.


  1. Development of sustainable base: The construction process reduces the environmental pollution caused by construction activities by controlling soil erosion, water channel deposition and dust.

  2. Water-saving efficiency: Installation of a more advanced and water-saving toilet flushing system and water supply system.

  3. Energy and atmosphere: Building energy simulation achieved 18.8% energy-saving efficiency, and refrigerant air-conditioning and refrigeration equipment do not use or produce any CFCs which cause the greenhouse effect and promote global warming.

  4. After the equipment was installed, each performance verification, validation adjustment and improvement was implemented one by one to ensure the operation efficiency of the equipment.

  5. Materials and resources: For 94.18% of the existing structure area, construction waste recovery rate during construction reached 80.45%, and the use of recycled building materials in this case accounted for 23.08% of the total amount of building materials.

  6. Indoor environmental quality: The design of indoor and outdoor air ventilation systems conforms to ASHRAE 62.1-2007 standards, which improves efficiency by more than 30%, and the comfort design of air conditioners conforms to ASHRAE 55–2004 standards. The use of low-emission materials, caulks and adhesion agents, paints and coatings, and the sources of indoor chemical pollution are well controlled and isolated.

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