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Monitoring Building Performance

Continuous building monitoring involves the real-time or near-real-time collection, analysis, and interpretation of data related to the performance and operation of various building systems and components. This process is crucial for ensuring optimal efficiency, comfort, and sustainability throughout the building's lifecycle. Continuous monitoring provides valuable insights into energy consumption, environmental conditions, and the overall health of the building, allowing for proactive management and optimization.

RCI provides advice and assistance in planning how to capture the data you need to make strategic decisions about the performance of your building.

RCI have also developed our own monitoring system, ECON, which helps capture and display the information you need.

RCI Monitoring Services

Take Control of Your Environment


ECON is our own monitoring platform that collects real-time data on the health and performance of your building.

Data is displayed in a simple and straighforward way so that you can understand where improvements can be made.


Cloud Based / On-Site Storage

All your data centralized in one place; Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), energy, water consumption and other data sources.


Customized Dashboard

We'll consult with you on the best way to view your data and customize the layout to your needs.

We'll also work with you to understand and interpret the data based on our experience.


Device Integration

ECON supports most monitoring devices and data protocols.​

Contact us to discuss new or existing equipment and your requirements.


Occupant Health, Environmental Impact, & Bottom Line

Use data collected in ECON to take control of your environment and make improvements for the health and well-being of occupants, the impact on the wider environment, and the costs of running your organization.

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